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Two days until my cover reveal!

Good morning!

The Twisting, Volume Two of The Luminated Threads

In one of those bizarre techy things, when I uploaded The Twisting to Amazon both it and an ‘untitled’ third volume in The Luminated Threads series populated themselves on Goodreads. Therefore, I can already say: Please add The Twisting to your Goodreads shelf.

And while you wait you can read two chapters. (It was always two chapters, I just forgot.)

Look for my cover reveal Thursday!

But while you wait, here’s a teaser from The Twisting, Volume Two of The Luminated Threads. chapter one here!

Interested in an ARC of The Twisting?

Have you read THE UNRAVELING? (Or were you waiting to see if I’d really put out the rest of the novel?) If you did, please consider putting up a review. Every single review helps an indy author. Honestly.

THE TWISTING’s release is coming soon, and I’m looking for prior reviewers to join my ARC list. I might offer chocolate, but better, I’m offering books, including the chance to win print ARCs! Sign up here:

The Unraveling on Kindle

Psst: You’ll even get to see the new cover first!

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