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Contents of that very short thank you speech

Every week I notice that someone who found my blog did so via the search words thank you speech. Yep, I had a post back in October when I made one, my first for winning first place in a contest that was announced live at a conference. It’s always a good idea to have something prepared, because it is quite nerve-wracking to stand before a crowed auditorium if you don’t do it much.

But I never said what the speech was. I ran across the little slip of paper the other day in my NJRWA conference materials and decided I better post this so these speech givers–probably as scared as I was–have some additional material to add to their arsenal.

Thank you. I’m honored to be chosen. I’m here with members of my home chapters of Maryland and Washington Romance Writers who have supported me on my writing journey.

The second sentence came directly from my friend and chapter-mate, Laura Welling. Thank you, Laura! After that is was easy. Three sentences. You, of course, should insert your own group–writing or otherwise–in the acknowledgement section.

Good luck!

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