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2013 Put Your Heart in a Book Contest

Congratulations to my fellow finalists in the 2013 Put Your Heart in a Book contest! This event for unpublished writers is sponsored by the New Jersey Romance Writers. The winners will be announced at the NJRWA Conference October 18th.

Sacha Devine – The Ring
Laurie Benson – A Proper Scandal*
Patricia Kratina – The Viscount With a Wicked Wink

Nadine Mutas – Blood, Pain, and Pleasure
Mary Ann Worden – Heart of Atlantis
Laurel Wanrow – The Farm *

Short Contemporary
Leigh Raffaele – Brewed For Love*
Debora Noone w/a Delsora Lowe – The Rancher Needs a Suitable Wife
Catherine Cervantes – One More Time

Single Title
Pamela Gibson – Perfect Balance
Lena Pinto – True Partners*
Catherine Vignolini – Poser

Young Adult
Amy DeLuca – Four Bullets
Caroline Dunsheath – Last Wishes
McCall Hoyle – The Thing With Feathers

*denotes NJRW member



view from Mt. Chapin, Colorado

I hope this shot from one of my summer hikes conveys how I feel to share my exciting writing news. Any writer’s journey can be rough at times and smooth at others, but right now, I’m seeing the beautiful vistas ahead of me, because I’ve found an agent! I’m thrilled to be represented by Lyndsay Hemphill of ICM Partners.

We met through the pitch sessions at this fall’s NJRWA Put Your Heart in a Book Conference. Lyndsay was looking for science fiction and fantasy romance, and I was pitching my contest winner Passages, a science fiction romance.

A few weeks later, delayed by Hurricane Sandy shutting down NYC, I printed out her email requesting a phone conversation and taped it to my microwave so it could sink in I was really about to have ‘the call’ conversation. No kidding!

She’s super excited about my writing and story and I’m confident she’s going to provide great support on the next phase of my career. So, let’s enjoy the flight!

Paranormal orb—or not?

I may have captured an orb image – pretty neat, a bit scary, and definitely confusing.

Last night’s featured speaker at my writing chapter—Maryland Romance Writers—was Mark Nesbitt of Ghosts of Gettysburg. Near the end of his presentation of paranormal phenomena, he showed an image of a paranormal orb. It sparked recognition, because I’d just seen one of those on a New Jersey conference photo I’d taken. My husband had waved it off as a water spot, but none of the other 25 pictures taken at the time had blemishes.

I had the laptop, so opened my photos and found the picture, which I showed to Mark. He considered it and told me what I presume are the standard caveats—it’s dust, or an odd reflection from the flash. But it was one of the largest and most perfectly round images he’d seen. I surveyed the other writers in the chapter who had also attended the event and found another photo of our chapter mate at the podium. Virtually the same image—though different angle—but no orb. I showed both to Mark in disappointment, but he still came back with a little ray of hope: Video is shot at three frames per second and orbs often flash in and out frame by frame.

I don’t know what to think, other than this is great writing fodder! Here’s the picture so you can judge for yourself.By the way, that’s Stephanie Dray, accepting the Golden Leaf Award for her winning historic novel Song of the Nile. She also writes paranormal, so there could be a connection.

For more information on Mark Nesbitt and his ghost hunting books and tours, go to Ghosts of Gettysburg.


I’m thrilled to be two of the finalists –Yes, two! I double finalled!—in the New Jersey Romance Writers 2012 Put Your Heart in a Book contest.

Here’s the finalist list:


Katrina Snow – Bewitched by a Kiss*

Laurel Wanrow – Passages *

Leisl Leighton – Seer’s Blood

Romantic Suspense

Keith Zwingelberg – Medicine Woman

Jenna Blue – The Runaway *

Michelle Sharp – The Dreamer

Single Title

Michele Mahon – Octagon Girl *

Susan J Bickford – Synchrony’s Call

Claudia Handel – Lost in You

Young Adult

McCall Hoyle – Twice Shy

Laurel Wanrow – Seaside Sorcery *

Karen Schwartz – Extra Ordinary Guy


Eileen Emerson – Embracing the Unloved Earl

Mary Jane Esber w/a Miranda Liasson – The Spy Who Loved Me

Jodi Rotondo w/a Joanna Shupe – Drawn to the Earl *

*denotes NJRW member

Congratulations to everyone!

The winners will be announced at NJRWA’s great Mid-Atlantic Put Your Heart in a Book Conference in October. I’ll be attending, my third visit with chapter-mates from Maryland Romance Writers and Washington Romance Writers.

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