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2013 Put Your Heart in a Book Contest

Congratulations to my fellow finalists in the 2013 Put Your Heart in a Book contest! This event for unpublished writers is sponsored by the New Jersey Romance Writers. The winners will be announced at the NJRWA Conference October 18th.

Sacha Devine – The Ring
Laurie Benson – A Proper Scandal*
Patricia Kratina – The Viscount With a Wicked Wink

Nadine Mutas – Blood, Pain, and Pleasure
Mary Ann Worden – Heart of Atlantis
Laurel Wanrow – The Farm *

Short Contemporary
Leigh Raffaele – Brewed For Love*
Debora Noone w/a Delsora Lowe – The Rancher Needs a Suitable Wife
Catherine Cervantes – One More Time

Single Title
Pamela Gibson – Perfect Balance
Lena Pinto – True Partners*
Catherine Vignolini – Poser

Young Adult
Amy DeLuca – Four Bullets
Caroline Dunsheath – Last Wishes
McCall Hoyle – The Thing With Feathers

*denotes NJRW member


Vixen 2012 Finalists!

Congratulations to the finalists in the Maryland Romance Writers’ Reveal Your Inner Vixen contest!

Single Title

The Soldier by Anna Richland
Silver Platter by Babbette Jongh
Not Quite Legal by Christina Elle

Series Contemporary

Dating Ms. Wright by Maggie Kelley
Dating Dr. By-the-Book by Barbara Lohr
One More Night by Samantha Evans


Heart’s Conviction by Lila Gillard
Deception by Alyssa Alexandra
The Raven’s Heart by Louisa Cornell


Ghost Wife by Stephanie Draven
Jaded Hope by Rachell Nichole
Mirror Reader by Karen Duvall


Running From Shadows by Karen Bynum
A Matter of Heart by Amy Fellner Dominy
Shieldmaiden Born by S.M. Jacobson

One of my special interest chapters with RWA, the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Chapter, just announced its contest finalists. I helped judge, so wanted to give a shout-out: Congratulations, everyone!


FF&P Chapter’s 2012 “On the Far Side” Unpublished Fiction Contest FINALISTS Announced:



“Dark Bringer” By Mia Celeste*

“Valhalla’s King” By Asa Maria Bradley*

“Son of a Wolf” By Laura Welling*


Romantic Elements

“Fragile Hearts” Renee Henry*

“Shadowdemon” Amanda Byrne

“Red Tide” Paula Leonard Huffman*


Time Travel/Steampunk/Historical

“Stalking Horse” Alleyne Dickens

“Must Love Breeches” Angela Quarles*

“The Raven’s Heart” Louisa Cornell



“Arena Dogs: Mercury” Charlee Allden

“Alien Contact for Idiots”  Ed Hoornaert*

“Sword of Revalmor” Cáit  Donnelly*


Young Adult

“The Time Keeper’s Daughter” Jenna Grinstead

“Laid Bare” J.D. Haymore

“The Serum Book One: The Journey” Sharron Riddle*


Urban Fantasy

“Catalyst” Laura Welling*

“Evition Eyes” Cassandra L. Shaw*

“Violet Sees Red” Katt Lloyd*


*Denotes FF&P Chapter Member

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