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Drafted Post Not Posted

Ah, man, I feel like such an idiot. I logged on tonight to post my next Six Sentence Sunday, only to discover that I never let last week’s post out of the ‘draft’ box. (sigh)

I’ve done this one other time in my blogging history – on my squirrel blog. I ran around (Okay, I ran my curser around.) the dashboard, trying to figure out what went wrong. There it was, why wasn’t it showing up. Finally, after a few minutes I noticed the red–yes, red!–draft tag on it. I thought I’d trained myself, but see that had an expiration.

So, that’s my online presence tip for the day: At the completion of your session, run your gaze down that list of ‘All Posts’ and make sure none have the dreaded red ‘draft’ sign.

In my defense, I have had a sprained ankle, so things aren’t in the ‘normal’ flow. On the flip side of that, wow, I’ve made real headway in my revisions of Passages. Not being able to work, exercise, shop…(you get it, I’m sure) has provided the long periods of time I needed to sort the storylines and get the new bits into their proper places.

In conclusion, I apologize to the nice readers who did check me out. I’ve released the post. And I will be sure to click all the buttons tonight.

Shout out from Spacefreighters Lounge

I have a shout out on the Spacefreighters Lounge blog! Thank you to my fellow science fiction romance writer Laurie A Green for the congrats on being newly agented.

I met Laurie several years ago through RWA’s fantasy chapter. She is the founder of Science Fiction Romance Brigade, a community of SFR writers. Check out the blogs to learn more about writers and books in this exciting–and hopefully growing!–genre.

Tiny URLs, or Shortlinks

I’m offering another short lesson in blogging shortcuts I’ve learned.

Back a few months ago when I started my nature blog, and was trying to get attention for it, a chapter mate suggested tweeting it with Tiny URL.


I don’t know the history, but someone devised a way to condense URLs into short versions that, according to the website, ‘will not break in email postings and never expires.”

Great. I used the site with success. Then a few days later I noticed WordPress offers this same service—and on my website. Ah, more time savings! Here is the location:

Open your post. Note in the screenshot below just underneath the title box (Coneflowers) is a row of buttons. The last is ‘Get Shortlink.’ Click it.

The box gives you the highlighted URL.

Copy and use to paste in your tweet or to your Facebook entry.

There is a second shortlink accessible when you open your website in edit mode. Look for your icon and website name at the upper left and click for the dropdown menu. In the lower half is a shortlink is for your website home.

I have used the post shortlinks as links back to prior posts within my website. One caveat: Be sure when you post the shortlink in the link box that the existing ‘http://’ that is highlighted is replaced by your complete link, not added to it. I had a couple of malfunctioning links and discovered my pasting was faulty.

Happy posting!


My Daphne finalist placing was noted in a post on Science Fiction Romance Brigade. The brigade members have a friendly running points contest going and one of the ways to earn points is by finalling and placing in contests – with your SFR manuscript, of course. When I sent in my win to grab a point, the officer on deck kindly posted.

I Wrote the Blog!

Please check out my post at SFR Brigade and weigh in with your unusual H&H.

I’m in a blog again…

and it looks like it may happen more. In my innocent, not-up-to-snuff-with-blogging way it appears I’ve joined the SFR Brigade blog, as a blogger.

But hey, it’s a good thing. My little post from a few days ago was acknowledged in yesterday’s post … right alongside other authors, including Linnea Sinclair. Now to get Passages on the bookshelf alongside …

Ok, enough with the fantasy. Passages has jumped another hoop on its way to querying; The last of its critiques through my FF&P crit group have arrived. In this large on-line group affectionately known as The Mud Puddle, a half-dozen readers traded crits with me over the four months I posted and two stuck with me the entire book. Many thanks to Brenda Davis and Bart Palamaro for their valuable insights and contributions to the continuity of the novel.

I have a few things to fix, but should be shopping it by the end of the month. Thanks to contest entries, I already have a fresh two page synopsis and a short query-worthy description. I’m looking forward to typing “Passages is a Science Fiction Romance complete at 95,000 words.”

SFR Brigade

I ran across the SFR acronym a month ago on another writer’s website, discovered what it meant–Science Fiction Romance– and today found a new blog community for writers of SFR. I joined and may even figure out exactly how to describe Passages, my latest manuscript I’ve been calling a futuristic fantasy. The site boasts a nice list of sub-genres of science fiction on the welcome page.

Check out SFR Brigade at

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