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Your cover can also be worn…

A few weeks ago I mentioned I’d purchased a pendant for myself with The Unraveling cover. Ta-da!

TheUnraveling cover pendant

Thank you, Mary Behre! I love it. I wrote about how Mary, author and artist, started making them and showed other samples in a post here, but you can contact Mary through her website ( ) or at authormarybehre AT She sells them for $20 plus shipping.

I have a cover!

Yes, The Unraveling has a cover! It’s bright and shiny and everything I wanted in a fantasy cover. So much so, I’m saving it for a cover reveal. That’ll be May 26th. In the meantime, I wanted to share a little thing some authors do when they really love their covers: They have jewelry made.


I saw this beauty for Unchained Memory when I went to my friend Donna Frelick’s launch and another writer friend gifted her this lovely pendant!

Author Mary Behre has been making cover jewelry for a few years now, starting back when several friends debuted with ebooks and didn’t have a physical book to hold. She told me, “I wanted them to have something tangible to celebrate the incredible accomplishment of getting published.”

Her side business took off from there. When Mary isn’t under the crunch of a deadline herself, she makes them for other authors…and herself!

Tidewater Pendants

These are titles from Mary’s Tidewater series.

If you might be interested, you can contact Mary through her website ( ) or at authormarybehre AT She sells them for $20 plus shipping.

I’ve ordered mine! Depending on Mary’s schedule, I’ll post a photo at my cover reveal or hopefully by publishing…which will be June 23!

Willow has two new pieces of art that show off her placid nature. Thanks to Skaera for her lovely golden-haired headshot, and to Sikurri for the young witch with full wings. Love how she’s flooding the flower with magical energy.

I’m happy to say today I submitted the story in which Willow appears, Wildflowers and Winged Boys, to a contest that’s open only for manuscripts that have finalled in another contest. The competition will be stiffer for this one, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it does.

August Art

Well folks, I’ve been terrible about posting this month and have some catching up to do, especially with art thank yous.  

My dd took a break as well, but lately has been busy coordinating more art for my book characters. Each person is now well represented, even Hilda the guinea pig!  Medic Droid treated us to an adorable piggie chibi.  She’s even ‘weeking’ love, and we love her!

For the other Meadow Magic characters, Ning Yu portrayed Fern and Beri with a Red deer native to Ireland.  She gave lots of nice details to their clothes – very true to the story.  Fern has a cute new chibi in her spiral purple shirt by Sprinkle and Beri has a new head shot in his signature color of green by Rebekah L. Great eyes!

But for Meadow Magic characters, Raven is the winner this month.  The poor guy had no art and is now well-featured.  Gou sent in a sketch chibi couple of Raven and Willow that is quite striking in its monotone colors.  Then an attitude-heavy portrayal of Raven came in- a short black outfitted chibi by Radio.  I laugh every time I look at him, because its “so Raven.” The last of Raven’s by Melan has Raven’s wings spread wide and looking very capable of lifting the guy into the air.

Willow also has her first art.  Eliah shows off her wide golden eyes in a nice head shot, and Willow shares in the sketch art couple by Gou.

For Seaside Sorcery, Sprinkle drew Ty and Coral as a chibi couple on a beach.  They are quite charming with their blue and red hair and I love the small details of Coral’s necklace and hint of her braids.

It’s so fun to have my dd pop in while I’m working to show me a new picture.  I really love the variety of ways one character can be depicted.  I hope my readers are also enjoying our growing gallery.

Thanks everyone!

Ready for RWA

At long last my writing conference is about to start and I believe I’m ready.  Re-editing my manuscript reacquainted me with a piece I haven’t looked at in almost a year, and I’ve learned so much in that time that I felt confident about the changes I made.  I’m proud of my finished novel and excited to go out and talk about it.

I’m just as proud of my new website and sure will be talking it up as well — especially all the great art I have!

Two new pieces went up today.  Thanks to Vanessa Savanh for drawing Duffy in a hot pink tank and to Rui for her deep blue-eyed portrait of Coral.

RWA 2009, here I come!

Editing, guinea pigs and art

Preparing for the RWA national conference has taken me away from the internet for a more than a week–as have other activities at home.  I’m pleased that I did finish editing all 277 pages of Seaside Sorcery, so it’s ready to go if requested by any agents I pitch to at the conference.

Guinea pigs–we seem to be overrun with them.  If you’ve been to Hilda’s page under Meadow Magic, you’ve read about our volunteer fostering.  Right now we’re pig sitting for a fosterer on vacation – her rescued moma and 3 week-old babies.  They are incredibly soft and cute, and eat so much.  We are constantly feeding them, then cleaning the cage.

And art.  A few more pictures have come in, and they’re all great.  Thanks to Chisuru for the portrait of Fern – glowing with bright green energy, to Ayame for 2 drawings- one each of Duffy ( you got her hair just right) and Ty, and to Phantascope for the one of Ty – love that energy!

Lots of Art

I have been remiss the last few days in thanking my artists–sorry! I was tied up polishing a contest entry – a long 55 page one.

Coral and Ty – wow – lots of pictures now. Thanks Hue for the two blinking ones – love Skipper and the Vespa.

They’re carefree and zooming along on the Vespa in a chibi pic by Lyle Lawrence. Erin Goodman asked about drawing a beach scene, so I sent her an excerpt. She portrayed Ty sharing magic with Coral, and her tye-dye dress is even better than I imagined it!

Thanks to Karina Yurallos and Rui for Fern’s new solo art. Both are very nice, as is Lunasumerin’s portrait of the green-eyed Beri.

Thanks to Ning Yu for her pencil sketch of Coral.  I especially like the fun macrame details in her hair and on her sandals.

Yesterday I completed the character sketches for Fern and Beri from the Meadow Magic story, so they are up on the site, along with a chibi couple portrait that came in an hour ago from Fleet.  I had to ask my dd why they had little red marks on their faces–they’re blushing! <g>  I love it!

I have started the character sketches for two of Beri’s friends from Emerald Isle, and a witch who’s doing a college internship.  So look for those in a few days.

Today, I’m polishing my Seaside Sorcery manuscript in preparation for pitching it to an agent at a writing conference–Romance Writers of America’s 2009 National Conference.  This will be the third national conference I’ve attended and this year it’s in Washington, D.C.  I’m nervous about my pitch, though I’ve already prepared it and am practicing, but I’m super excited about the opening speaker–Janet Evanovich!

DD and I have read all of her Stephanie Plum books and most of the others.  I even own her How I Write book.  Have to say, one of her reprints is my favorite–Love Overboard, maybe because the hero owns a two-masted schooner, just like Coral’s family.

First Artwork!

I’m pleased to announce that Erin Goodman submitted art for both Coral and Ty.  Have a look at Erin’s great pencil sketches under the characters’ descriptions.  Thanks, Erin, for being the first to send in your work!

Art coming!

When I began talking about establishing my website, my dear daughter (dd) suggested collecting art images of the different characters.   Two days ago I wrote and posted character descriptions and the dd ran with them.  After posting the request on her avatar community, we’ve been in a whirl of activity.  A number of artists have responded.  I have now collected even more of the personal details about Coral and Ty from Seaside Sorcery and posted them.  

I’m so psyched that we’re going to have a collection of individual interpretations of my characters.

Next to pull together the excerpts from Meadow Magic.

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