On the eve of NaNoWriMo…

NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) is a big deal to writers, a commitment to writing a 50,000 word story. In a month. The month of November…tomorrow. Here’s an article I found on Erin Morgenstern’s blog:

An essay by Chuck Wendig on Why you should do NaNoWriMo…and why you shouldn’t.

Ok I decided a few weeks ago I would participate this year, mainly because I *think* I need to learn to write every day on a new story while continuing to edit the present story. That hasn’t been my process so far, and maybe it can’t be. But November is a good month to test the theory. So here I am:

NoNo 2015 Participation badge

However, I hadn’t decided on a story. Tonight I had to commit.

It’s a futuristic I’ve worked on plotting several times, including most recently in Cherry Adair’s Master Plotting Class. Poor thing, it deserves a chance to be written. For the purposes of NaNo, I’m calling it “The Floating Islands Story” and this is the “cover” I assigned it:

Sky photoI’ve flown across the country many times in the last two years taking care of a family property that was in the 2013 floods in Colorado. I’ve drawn inspiration for this story while staring out the airplane window.

The synopsis I wrote in less than 2 minutes to fill in the blank on the NaNo form: Animatronics, saving a princess, recycling water, rocks like pumice and many other interesting ideas strung together in a story in which a girl from the city, meets a boy from another world when his floating island is brought to Earth through a wormhole.

If you are also a NaNo participant, feel free to follow me: laurelwanrow

If you see lots of strange tweets from me, it’s because I’m an avid NaNo sprinter with @nanowordsprints — a fun bunch!

Have a great month everyone!




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