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Cover Reveal for The Rooftop Inventor

I’m thrilled to reveal the debut cover for a steampunk YA written by one of my critique partners and fellow steampunk authors! Congratulations, Nooce!

The Rooftop Inventor

Beautiful! I love Theo’s magenta airship, and her undaunted stance. 🙂

Here’s what you can expect from this 19th century mid-western girl:

It’s 1879 and seventeen-year-old Theodocia Hews is out of control. Her inventor father Orin Hews tried to raise her to be a proper lady, but Theo says and does whatever she wants. Since girls aren’t supposed to be inventors, she’s secretly building her own airship up on the roof of their house. When her father is attacked and his valuable invention is stolen, she sets out in her untested airship to get her father’s contraption back. She’d better hurry. Her father’s contract with his buyer expires in three days and without it they’re ruined.

The airship lifts off but things get complicated when Theo finds an unintended passenger aboard. Henry Caracticus Thorne—the thief she’d spotted that morning making off with things in the market—is an altogether unsuitable companion. But he’s unlike anyone she’s ever met before, he’s willing to help, and he’s drop-dead gorgeous. As they soar through the sky in the close quarters of Theo’s airship, it’s not just the steam engine heating up.

Theo has a hunch who took her father’s invention. Will she manage to catch the culprit before it’s too late? What did that strange lightning storm do to Theo and Henry? And will Theo give in to her heart and act on her growing feelings for Henry?

The Adventures of Theodocia Hews is a humorous YA steampunk adventure and romance series set in 1879 Cincinnati in an alternate universe where the evil institution of slavery was abolished shortly after the United States was founded, the Civil War never happened, crazy inventions are commonplace, and steam power rules!


About the Author


Nooce Miller writes fantasy, speculative fiction, and YA steampunk. Technical writer, lawyer, marketing communications editor, medical writer, she’s held a lot of jobs, but her current gig is the one she likes best—author. Her favorite music to write to is silence because the dialogue turns out better. She’s also fond of birdsong, thunder, and the sound of the wind in the trees. She sees herself as a visually creative person, though others might disagree once they’ve been exposed to the questionable quality of her drawings, paintings, and photography. She drinks a lot of hot Earl Grey tea, usually in the company of her dog Stinky—who never partakes.

She’s lived in six different states and one foreign country. Tiring of so much moving, she undertook to persuade her husband that they should settle down and enjoy the four glorious seasons of her beloved Midwest until their two sons were grown, and lo and behold, it worked.


Nooce and I met critiquing YA fantasy in an online writer’s forum, Critique Circle. It’s a fabulous–and free!–place to hone your craft and meet many ambitious authors. After a while, you get to know them IRL, too! Nooce blogs about history, writing and steampunk crafts. Visit her Website | Twitter | Pinterest

I’m looking forward to The Rooftop Inventor releasing May 1, 2015!

N is for Not Giving Up

My blog here looks woefully neglected. Yet I blog two places and in my Eastern Gray Squirrel alter-ego at The Squirrel Nutwork, I’ve entered a month of daily blog posts with the Blogging A to Z Challenge. (Visit the website for more alphabet details on how this works!)

A few days ago, the blogging letter was N. A to Z co-host S. L. Hennessy wrote a great post titled N is for Not Giving Up, and a tweet of it today reminded me my personal blog might appear that I have.

Oh, quite the contrary!

I am moving forward with the self-publishing of my first novel, The Unraveling. So the blog is out of date, the Facebook posts scant and the house a mess as I email the cover artist, make final copy edits and decide on formatting styles.

According to BW, this last part has taken over her territory, but hey, every novel is a reference for how a book should look!

What's with the books?I will have release news soon! If you follow me–or even if you don’t!–and blog and would be interested in joining in on a cover release, please contact me! You are invited to read a few chapters here.

Have a great day working to further your dreams!

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