SFR Brigade Presents #8

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Another week, another bit of Passages, my science fiction romance.

When Quinn finally finds his missing ‘brother’, he discovers those memories of their fights weren’t exaggerated. Eve is afraid she might have to put her bodyguard function to use.

“That’s not the only detail you left out,” Quil snapped. “Why wasn’t I told the Cavvert lab vats had been converted to grow crystals?”

The tenor of the room changed with that one remark and Quil’s reddening checks.

 “I didn’t?” Quinn frowned. “But I told you about the boxes on my way up the stairs.”

Evard cleared his throat. “I’m only getting the full story now myself.”

His effort at easing the neglect earned a glare from Quil. “Maybe you didn’t need details but I did. I’m the one working on the hornwort.” He swung back to Quinn. “Didn’t you think my efforts warranted a mention that crystals had replaced hornwort in those vats?”

I edged out of my seat. Evangeline gave my hand a squeeze before letting go. I moved up beside Evard, shutting my gift away to avoid a repeat swamping by Quil’s intense anger.

Quinn noted my position with a glance, but gave his controlled attention to Quil. “How did you think they were getting them?”

Quil threw up his arms. “I assumed the guards were breaking off crystals or pick-axing them out of the rock. Isn’t that what goes on in underground mining? And after I’ve run three megabytes of hornwort data through not one but four versions of analysis to give us the best possible comparisons on the six most rapidly changing lab results, I hear the worst lab hasn’t been functional for weeks. More likely, it’s been down the entire two and a half months we’ve been here. And all you spare time for is her rather than your duties when you dashed through.” His flashing eyes flicked to me for a second before returning to Quinn.

Quaene stepped forward. “Of course we see to our people first.”

“Except we have a minister who makes a habit of seeing to his women before considering—”

“Look, just get over it already,” barked Quinn. “I was worried about Eve. A head wound—”

“She’s a ‘torg for god’s sake. We’re repairable—”

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  1. Following the SFR Brigade this week and found your post. Interesting read, would love to read more


  2. I like the idea of a character who puts his partner before work. Although perhaps he might have been doing it for a bit too long.

    Rinelle Grey


  3. This thing really needs to be published! There are so many things going on that I want to know all about. Your snippets are driving me crazy!


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