SFR Brigade Presents #5

Banner by Linnea Sinclair

Hello and welcome to my SFR contribution, a snippet from my novel Passages. Just as in real life, some science fiction machinery never works like you think it ought to, which my hero Quinn discovers in this excerpt:

I passed the packed shelves and glanced at the book bindings. Some titles stood out. A few seemed to glow, and then fade.

An uneasy feeling came over me. Something told me I should stop, but I kept on reading the titles, searching for another with that brightened lettering…

“Mirror of Her Dreams,” I whispered and in uttering the words, I knew. I’d done this before. Flashes of déjà vu were my friends. Graen always said follow the lead and by doing so I’d brought back skills I’d had before. Skills like quick analysis. Mechanical and electrical aptitude. Accessing Lacuna. Altering a system like the Conducer. And the cross-leap.

I walked a few paces, looking for the next glowing title. “Roadmarks.”

Another old Earth book. The memory became clearer. Reading these titles would turn the key—no, not quite right. Open the door. Lead me to…what? I shuffled forward.

“Journey to the Center of the Earth.”

How did I control this phenomenon?

Thanks for joining me. Hop back to the SFRB website or find our other contributions at #sfrbp. Have a good week!


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