SFR Brigade Presents #4

Banner by Linnea SinclairThanks for stopping by one of Science Fiction Romance Brigade’s weekly peeks into the SFR genre.

In this installment from my science fiction romance Passages, the hero Quinn receives a surprise from one of his newly converted guards.

I cracked the door. Noise came from below. Palming my knife, I crept down the stairs. A peek through the kitchen door revealed a stranger. The small blond woman was measuring water into a pot, an innocent enough activity, but… I decided to get Eve.

“Don’t even think of messing with our cook.”

I whirled but a shoulder lock trapped me. My knife clattered to the floor.

“Right-o!” boomed Evard. “Self-defense never felt so good. If only I could meet that measly Liege Orton now.”

A squeak sounded in the kitchen. “Mister Evard? Is that you?”

“Yes, Mylta, have no fear, my fair nymph. I’m just working up an appetite for one of your delicious breakfasts.”

I forced my automatic defenses to relax. Neither Evard’s tone or phrasing was that of a hostile attacker. “Do you mind?”

He released me. “Ah, my man Quinn! How’d you like that move? Did I surprise you?”

The newly converted Level 1 Minister’s Bodyguard was playing?

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  1. “Newly converted” brings up all kinds of questions!


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