SFR Brigade Presents #3

Welcome to my website and my science fiction romance snippet.

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Several readers commented on my electorgs—thank you!—so I thought I’d give another peek into those electronic bodies. Here’s a piece from Eve’s point of view.

“Then you know your way around from here?” Quinn’s voice resonated right behind me, deeper, steadier than before. His heat poured over me. My thoughts jumped like my heart and abruptly my body tuned to his. From under the burnt smell of something I should remember but didn’t, his musk flowed —the scent of a forest of drying leaves on a fall day—and the unmistakable assurance of a man in charge.

I had my answer. “You remember your past.”

“Some. Enough. Are you feeling better?”

“Fine. I think we better leave. That guard is bound to report us and the missing dog.”

“We can’t leave yet.” His hand brushed my shoulder and his fingers fluttered at my neck.

Oh, Blessed—I should have known this would happen, keeping company with an E-run. I heaved a sigh, a mental one, for a ‘torg couldn’t move while a minister activated one’s keypad. He accessed the files of my electronic components. Sequences of images, procedures, rules, and more, shuffled like a deck of playing cards. Quinn selected a function program, and it fell into my database. Three seconds later an internal click indicated he’d completed the process.

Thanks for reading.  Pop over to the SFR Brigade blog here, or visit more snippets through #sfrbp. Have a great week!

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  1. Ooh. Every snippet makes me want more!


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