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I’m here a day early! This week I’ve joined a small but growing weekly post group that’s very much in my corner of the universe—Science Fiction Romance Brigade Presents. I’ve been an *cough* inactive member of the SFR Brigade for a few years, but I do write SFR, a genre mash-up that walks the border of the two genres.

(And I proudly point out if you scroll down the website’s right bar, my SFR manuscript Passages is recognized for having finalled and won in contests.)

So here’s another, bit longer—by the new group’s rules—excerpt from the start of Passages. Quinn my hero, along with his grandmother, must make a quick exit, one that involves hijacking a particle accelerator.

I stepped across the yellow threshold. Energy flowed over my body. With a thought I connected to it. Graen slipped her hand into mine. We walked with agonizing slowness, each pace dissolving us as I hijacked the power we’d need for our cross-leap, a method our people used to direct our connections to a particular destination. One, two, three—


My guts twisted, but we couldn’t stop. Wouldn’t. Four paces, five. Halfway through

the array of plates, halfway dissolved. Graen faltered, then slipped from my grasp. What the—

I shoved my molasses-dense particles into solidity so I could turn around.

A Blackguard blocked Graen, his sword waving in one outstretched hand, the other batting at her loosely collected figure. A weird sense of déjà vu hit me, muddling my mind and breaking my concentration. This had happened before, in another place, in another leap more urgent than this one.

Thanks for reading! If you’d like to continue, this scene appears in Quinn’s opening chapter. For more SFR, visit my co-presenters via their links at the SFR Brigade Website, or find us through twitter at #sfrbp.

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  1. Laurel, I love the imaginative set-up and the surreal feel to this passage, along with the ramp up of tension in the last line. NIcely done! Will you be posting more next week?


    • I hope to remember to sign up! The deadline tripped me the first week because it’s England’s time zone, ahead of me. Also, this complete chapter is posted under my novels… you can see if they made it. LOL

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Quinn’s anticipation of the jump and the shock of the abort was full-on tangible. Nicely written!


  3. What an interesting talent. Lots of tension, and I love that it’s a guy’s POV.


  4. I love the concept!


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