Six Sentence Sunday #24

Last week I introduced Evard, an electorg who is a secondary character in my science fiction romance Passages. Electorg, or ‘torg for short, is a term of my own making, combining electronic and organic, because these people were offered a second chance at an immortal life by having electronics put into their organic bodies.

Back in SSS #21 I posted a snippet in which Evard challenges Quinn to go after Eve, if he indeed likes her. Quinn’s hesitation doesn’t arise from shyness:

I did. And while I didn’t want Evard to think I was the complete failure I appeared to be, he’d probably understand. “You know I just found out I’m an electorg. Did Eve mention I have memory loss? It dates to the attack when Quaene, Quil and I fled for our lives. So, I’m functioning with deficiencies in both arenas.”

Thanks for continuing to visit and read! Next week I hope to put my name in the ring for a spot with SFR Brigade Presents, a group of snippets from science fiction romance writers. The link will take you to this week’s offerings, or use #srfbp

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