My Six on Sunday #23

Twenty-one days makes a habit. Though my previous twenty-two posts for Six Sentence Sunday were spread over months, I can’t resist coming back. Still giving excerpts of my award-winning science fiction romance Passages. This time let’s pop into the heroine Eve’s POV to have a look at her electorg run-mate of fifty years, Evard:

Few electorg women in the Biosphere Corps had resisted the gregarious man’s invitations. With elaborate gestures, he swept the curling locks back into place. I was no more than a sister to him in our family-like triad arrangement, so he had no problem regaling me with his romantic entanglements.

Finished with the primping, he pulled at a silver-colored chain draped across the front of his favorite coral surcoat, a copy of one he’d worn as ruler of a mushroom growing collective on his home planet of Tarne. He checked the time on his pocket watch. “You busy today?

Thanks for reading! Has anyone given the hash tag #sixsunday a try? I might. 🙂


About Laurel Wanrow

Fantasy romance tuned to the magic of the land.

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