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SFR Brigade Presents #2

Banner by Linnea Sinclair

For my Six Sentence Sundays I shared any snippet that appealed to me. Yet, for SFR Presents, I feel like it has to be sciency. So…

In the early chapters of my story Passages, Quinn has forgotten all the apparatus available to an electorg.

“No.” I moved back to the map. “And these numbers are useless without their reference list. I recognize some of the locations, but what do these places have in common? Olannit, green, three. Zeffir, yellow, eighty-five. I need more time to glean their connection.”

“Simple. Take a picture of it.”

“I don’t have a camera.”

“Of course you—oh. Uh, I do.” She tapped just below one of her beautiful gray eyes. “B-run function for research.”

Ah—a camera was part of her built-in electronics. Mine probably, too, but the reminder her soft body wasn’t entirely human hit me. Of course the gate guard hadn’t minded when he—

“It’s all right, Quinn. I use it all the time for our work. You go open the next door and I’ll copy the map for you.”

Yeah, my dwelling on this woman and her…functions wouldn’t get the job done.

Our SFR blog changed the way we sign up for our weekly snippets, so fewer of us registered this week. But please visit the Science Fiction Romance Brigade Blog, or look for us at #sfrbp. Thanks for reading!

The SFR Brigade Presents…

Banner by Linnea Sinclair

I’m here a day early! This week I’ve joined a small but growing weekly post group that’s very much in my corner of the universe—Science Fiction Romance Brigade Presents. I’ve been an *cough* inactive member of the SFR Brigade for a few years, but I do write SFR, a genre mash-up that walks the border of the two genres.

(And I proudly point out if you scroll down the website’s right bar, my SFR manuscript Passages is recognized for having finalled and won in contests.)

So here’s another, bit longer—by the new group’s rules—excerpt from the start of Passages. Quinn my hero, along with his grandmother, must make a quick exit, one that involves hijacking a particle accelerator.

I stepped across the yellow threshold. Energy flowed over my body. With a thought I connected to it. Graen slipped her hand into mine. We walked with agonizing slowness, each pace dissolving us as I hijacked the power we’d need for our cross-leap, a method our people used to direct our connections to a particular destination. One, two, three—


My guts twisted, but we couldn’t stop. Wouldn’t. Four paces, five. Halfway through

the array of plates, halfway dissolved. Graen faltered, then slipped from my grasp. What the—

I shoved my molasses-dense particles into solidity so I could turn around.

A Blackguard blocked Graen, his sword waving in one outstretched hand, the other batting at her loosely collected figure. A weird sense of déjà vu hit me, muddling my mind and breaking my concentration. This had happened before, in another place, in another leap more urgent than this one.

Thanks for reading! If you’d like to continue, this scene appears in Quinn’s opening chapter. For more SFR, visit my co-presenters via their links at the SFR Brigade Website, or find us through twitter at #sfrbp.

Contents of that very short thank you speech

Every week I notice that someone who found my blog did so via the search words thank you speech. Yep, I had a post back in October when I made one, my first for winning first place in a contest that was announced live at a conference. It’s always a good idea to have something prepared, because it is quite nerve-wracking to stand before a crowed auditorium if you don’t do it much.

But I never said what the speech was. I ran across the little slip of paper the other day in my NJRWA conference materials and decided I better post this so these speech givers–probably as scared as I was–have some additional material to add to their arsenal.

Thank you. I’m honored to be chosen. I’m here with members of my home chapters of Maryland and Washington Romance Writers who have supported me on my writing journey.

The second sentence came directly from my friend and chapter-mate, Laura Welling. Thank you, Laura! After that is was easy. Three sentences. You, of course, should insert your own group–writing or otherwise–in the acknowledgement section.

Good luck!

Six Sentence Sunday #24

Last week I introduced Evard, an electorg who is a secondary character in my science fiction romance Passages. Electorg, or ‘torg for short, is a term of my own making, combining electronic and organic, because these people were offered a second chance at an immortal life by having electronics put into their organic bodies.

Back in SSS #21 I posted a snippet in which Evard challenges Quinn to go after Eve, if he indeed likes her. Quinn’s hesitation doesn’t arise from shyness:

I did. And while I didn’t want Evard to think I was the complete failure I appeared to be, he’d probably understand. “You know I just found out I’m an electorg. Did Eve mention I have memory loss? It dates to the attack when Quaene, Quil and I fled for our lives. So, I’m functioning with deficiencies in both arenas.”

Thanks for continuing to visit and read! Next week I hope to put my name in the ring for a spot with SFR Brigade Presents, a group of snippets from science fiction romance writers. The link will take you to this week’s offerings, or use #srfbp

My Six on Sunday #23

Twenty-one days makes a habit. Though my previous twenty-two posts for Six Sentence Sunday were spread over months, I can’t resist coming back. Still giving excerpts of my award-winning science fiction romance Passages. This time let’s pop into the heroine Eve’s POV to have a look at her electorg run-mate of fifty years, Evard:

Few electorg women in the Biosphere Corps had resisted the gregarious man’s invitations. With elaborate gestures, he swept the curling locks back into place. I was no more than a sister to him in our family-like triad arrangement, so he had no problem regaling me with his romantic entanglements.

Finished with the primping, he pulled at a silver-colored chain draped across the front of his favorite coral surcoat, a copy of one he’d worn as ruler of a mushroom growing collective on his home planet of Tarne. He checked the time on his pocket watch. “You busy today?

Thanks for reading! Has anyone given the hash tag #sixsunday a try? I might. 🙂

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