Six Sentence Sunday #22


And so we’ve come to the last of our Six Sentence Sundays. But for my novel Passages, the story is just beginning. Quinn, with a little help from bad news, followed by more than a few drinks of Aardness Gold, decides he should follow Evard’s advice and take the plunge with Eve. To Eve, it comes as a surprise, albeit a welcome one.

His breath warmed my skin, then his lips warmed mine. They were soft and tentative, glazed with the slight molasses smoke of good whiskey, and a bite of the curry. And Quinn.

My tongue flicked forward, searching for the elusive flavor beneath the drink. Manliness, of a new variety, one better than I had imagined possible.

“I think… I think I’ve done that before,” Quinn whispered.

(Not sure if I’ve mentioned Quinn had some damage to his organic system. i.e. amnesia.)

I’m sad, and glad to have been a part of the Six Sentence Sunday Groups, though my time was short. Some writers have said they will continue posting; perhaps the #sixsunday twitter tag will remain active. This might be a good week to look around the website’s participants and see who will.

For myself, that weekly deadline made it easier to follow through, so I may find another venue. I’m deep into edits of Passages so it may be a few weeks before I take time to track another down. In the meantime, thanks for being here!


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  1. Love her description of Quinn!


  2. What a fun six, Laurel. Very descriptive kiss scene with lots of great passion. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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