Six Sentence Sunday #21

After my snafu last week of not posting my draft, I won’t make the same mistake  – at least that’s my plan tonight. I will have to check on Sunday to make sure!


Have I mentioned my novel Passages is a science fiction romance? A bit of a rocky one, at the start. Though Eve and Quin are interested in each other, the planet Aarde has its share of rogues overthrowing the government, thieves and lung-scarring plant blooms. It takes Eve’s run-mate to give Quinn the kick he needs to make his move.

“Eve’s warming up to you. What’s your plan?” asked Evard.


“For courting her.”

I’d love to tell him, however, the conversation had just moved beyond my experience. Not Evard’s obviously.

There it is folks, another of my last posts with the soon-to-be-closing Six Sentence Sunday blog. Here are my co-sixers on the website, which had its own issues this week which I hope are resolved. Of course you can find us with #sixsunday.

Thank you so much for reading! And, er, if you like, you can scroll down and check out my missing post from January 13th. I was so excited to post Eve’s view of Quinn. Sigh.


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  1. Ah yes, good to have a plan! Fortunate for him he has a friend with more experience! Fun six!


  2. Love the “attitude” this conversation conveys, Laura! Nice work!! Also–what a great profile picture of you!! 🙂


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