Drafted Post Not Posted

Ah, man, I feel like such an idiot. I logged on tonight to post my next Six Sentence Sunday, only to discover that I never let last week’s post out of the ‘draft’ box. (sigh)

I’ve done this one other time in my blogging history – on my squirrel blog. I ran around (Okay, I ran my curser around.) the dashboard, trying to figure out what went wrong. There it was, why wasn’t it showing up. Finally, after a few minutes I noticed the red–yes, red!–draft tag on it. I thought I’d trained myself, but see that had an expiration.

So, that’s my online presence tip for the day: At the completion of your session, run your gaze down that list of ‘All Posts’ and make sure none have the dreaded red ‘draft’ sign.

In my defense, I have had a sprained ankle, so things aren’t in the ‘normal’ flow. On the flip side of that, wow, I’ve made real headway in my revisions of Passages. Not being able to work, exercise, shop…(you get it, I’m sure) has provided the long periods of time I needed to sort the storylines and get the new bits into their proper places.

In conclusion, I apologize to the nice readers who did check me out. I’ve released the post. And I will be sure to click all the buttons tonight.


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  1. We all do these things and live to tell the tale. Hope your ankle is healing and life gets back to “normal.” 🙂


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