Six Sentence Sunday #20

 Welcome to my Six Sentence offering!


Last week I gave you the Heroine’s description from the Hero’s POV. This week I’m presenting the reverse. Please bear in mind, Eve sees Quinn at his worst! He’s escaped a guard with a stunner and spent the night in the woods, then falls afoul of his still-healing memories. Lordy, he needs her.

He looked dazed; his soft brown eyes weren’t focusing and his lips had paled to ashen amid the unruly curls of his beard. That wavy brown hair needed cutting, but this man was good-looking. He had a long straight nose, high cheekbones and tanned skin. That, his rugged clothing and his physique—slim and muscular—told me he spent a lot of time outdoors. He’d be a real catch for some Aardite woman.

He might be now, though I found it hard to tell with him in this state.

Thanks for being with me as we wind down the last month of Six Sentence Sunday. Check the other listings here, or find us on twitter at #sixsunday.


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