Six Sentence Sunday #19


This last week I learned that Six Sentence Sunday will be closing the end of the month. Gack! I am dismayed. I’ve had a relatively short run, but have enjoyed the regular postings and keeping up with the other contributors. Thanks so much to the weekly coordinators and founders Sara Brooks, Dee Carney, Graylin Fox and Hailey Edwards.

I am looking into other formats to continue posting to a broader audience. One I’ve been alerted to is Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday. Check it out, those you who also write in these genres.

Today, I’d like to introduce my readers to Eve, Passages heroine, in the same way the hero Quinn first saw her.

The man thrust the black book at her and strode toward the center of town without a backward glance, leaving a scowling but pretty young woman with light brown hair standing on the stoop. She was as tall as I, about five foot nine, with a fit weight. A little younger than I, perhaps. Dressed in some sort of proto-Earth costume—a long brown skirt and vest over a long-sleeved tan blouse. Definitely a native human.

She turned, saw me and her full pink lips opened as wide as her gray eyes, surprise evident in every creamy feature.

Thanks for joining the ‘sixers’ for our last month. Here are the rest of us on the website, or look for us at #sixsunday.


About Laurel Wanrow

Fantasy romance tuned to the magic of the land.

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  1. Too bad SSS is closing 😦 I have enjoyed following your six sentences every Sunday even though I came late to the game and haven’t followed from the start. I’ll look forward to the rest of the month 🙂


  2. Sweet 6, love his view of her!


  3. Interesting six, very vivid description! I *have* to wonder about that black book…


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