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Six Sentence Sunday #22


And so we’ve come to the last of our Six Sentence Sundays. But for my novel Passages, the story is just beginning. Quinn, with a little help from bad news, followed by more than a few drinks of Aardness Gold, decides he should follow Evard’s advice and take the plunge with Eve. To Eve, it comes as a surprise, albeit a welcome one.

His breath warmed my skin, then his lips warmed mine. They were soft and tentative, glazed with the slight molasses smoke of good whiskey, and a bite of the curry. And Quinn.

My tongue flicked forward, searching for the elusive flavor beneath the drink. Manliness, of a new variety, one better than I had imagined possible.

“I think… I think I’ve done that before,” Quinn whispered.

(Not sure if I’ve mentioned Quinn had some damage to his organic system. i.e. amnesia.)

I’m sad, and glad to have been a part of the Six Sentence Sunday Groups, though my time was short. Some writers have said they will continue posting; perhaps the #sixsunday twitter tag will remain active. This might be a good week to look around the website’s participants and see who will.

For myself, that weekly deadline made it easier to follow through, so I may find another venue. I’m deep into edits of Passages so it may be a few weeks before I take time to track another down. In the meantime, thanks for being here!

A little melancholy, which I figured is worth a note: Just did it, signed up for the last Six Sentence Sunday. I’m number 113. Hmm. Hope you join me Sunday, January 27th.

Six Sentence Sunday #21

After my snafu last week of not posting my draft, I won’t make the same mistake  – at least that’s my plan tonight. I will have to check on Sunday to make sure!


Have I mentioned my novel Passages is a science fiction romance? A bit of a rocky one, at the start. Though Eve and Quin are interested in each other, the planet Aarde has its share of rogues overthrowing the government, thieves and lung-scarring plant blooms. It takes Eve’s run-mate to give Quinn the kick he needs to make his move.

“Eve’s warming up to you. What’s your plan?” asked Evard.


“For courting her.”

I’d love to tell him, however, the conversation had just moved beyond my experience. Not Evard’s obviously.

There it is folks, another of my last posts with the soon-to-be-closing Six Sentence Sunday blog. Here are my co-sixers on the website, which had its own issues this week which I hope are resolved. Of course you can find us with #sixsunday.

Thank you so much for reading! And, er, if you like, you can scroll down and check out my missing post from January 13th. I was so excited to post Eve’s view of Quinn. Sigh.

Drafted Post Not Posted

Ah, man, I feel like such an idiot. I logged on tonight to post my next Six Sentence Sunday, only to discover that I never let last week’s post out of the ‘draft’ box. (sigh)

I’ve done this one other time in my blogging history – on my squirrel blog. I ran around (Okay, I ran my curser around.) the dashboard, trying to figure out what went wrong. There it was, why wasn’t it showing up. Finally, after a few minutes I noticed the red–yes, red!–draft tag on it. I thought I’d trained myself, but see that had an expiration.

So, that’s my online presence tip for the day: At the completion of your session, run your gaze down that list of ‘All Posts’ and make sure none have the dreaded red ‘draft’ sign.

In my defense, I have had a sprained ankle, so things aren’t in the ‘normal’ flow. On the flip side of that, wow, I’ve made real headway in my revisions of Passages. Not being able to work, exercise, shop…(you get it, I’m sure) has provided the long periods of time I needed to sort the storylines and get the new bits into their proper places.

In conclusion, I apologize to the nice readers who did check me out. I’ve released the post. And I will be sure to click all the buttons tonight.

Six Sentence Sunday #20

 Welcome to my Six Sentence offering!


Last week I gave you the Heroine’s description from the Hero’s POV. This week I’m presenting the reverse. Please bear in mind, Eve sees Quinn at his worst! He’s escaped a guard with a stunner and spent the night in the woods, then falls afoul of his still-healing memories. Lordy, he needs her.

He looked dazed; his soft brown eyes weren’t focusing and his lips had paled to ashen amid the unruly curls of his beard. That wavy brown hair needed cutting, but this man was good-looking. He had a long straight nose, high cheekbones and tanned skin. That, his rugged clothing and his physique—slim and muscular—told me he spent a lot of time outdoors. He’d be a real catch for some Aardite woman.

He might be now, though I found it hard to tell with him in this state.

Thanks for being with me as we wind down the last month of Six Sentence Sunday. Check the other listings here, or find us on twitter at #sixsunday.

Six Sentence Sunday #19


This last week I learned that Six Sentence Sunday will be closing the end of the month. Gack! I am dismayed. I’ve had a relatively short run, but have enjoyed the regular postings and keeping up with the other contributors. Thanks so much to the weekly coordinators and founders Sara Brooks, Dee Carney, Graylin Fox and Hailey Edwards.

I am looking into other formats to continue posting to a broader audience. One I’ve been alerted to is Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday. Check it out, those you who also write in these genres.

Today, I’d like to introduce my readers to Eve, Passages heroine, in the same way the hero Quinn first saw her.

The man thrust the black book at her and strode toward the center of town without a backward glance, leaving a scowling but pretty young woman with light brown hair standing on the stoop. She was as tall as I, about five foot nine, with a fit weight. A little younger than I, perhaps. Dressed in some sort of proto-Earth costume—a long brown skirt and vest over a long-sleeved tan blouse. Definitely a native human.

She turned, saw me and her full pink lips opened as wide as her gray eyes, surprise evident in every creamy feature.

Thanks for joining the ‘sixers’ for our last month. Here are the rest of us on the website, or look for us at #sixsunday.

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