Six Sentence Sunday #17

Welcome to my blog and what’s become my regular posting of Six Sentence Sunday!


This week I wanted to keep in tune with the holiday season, but none of my manuscripts feature a winter holiday. I’ve settled for the winter morning one of the Zeffirites has come to collect the hero Quinn for a meeting with their leader—and he must skirt the protective Eve.

Clouds covered the sky, the wind beneath brisk. Snow swirled up from the ground and blew down the short street. No one mentioned coats—it must not be far.

“You know she won’t be kept waiting a moment longer and I’m sure observing the locals is part of his assignment as well.” Tristam crossed his arms, shifting his frown from Eve to me. “My grandmother makes an excellent coffeecake.”

“I’d love some,” I answered, placing my hand to the small of Eve’s back and nudging her into a walk.

Hope your holiday breakfasts are a bit smoother! Thanks for joining me and be sure to visit other “sixers” here, or find us posting at #sixsunday.


About Laurel Wanrow

Fantasy romance tuned to the magic of the land.

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