Six Sentence Sunday #16


In looking back over 15 Six Sentence Sunday posts, I see I’ve never featured my science fiction romance, Passages. Quel horror, as my French teacher used to say.  In honor of starting revisions with my new agent, here is Quinn, the hero’s first view of Zeffir Island.

The bleating of goats led me down the hillside. Far below lay the town, a village really, spread at the bottom of a gentle slope on the edge of the sea, just as Graen’s image had shown.

I stuffed my hands in my pockets and marched across crop fields extending over the outlying hills. Even in the dead of winter I recognized the modern—for the natives—agricultural practices the Docga encouraged: contour plowing, irrigation, and crop rotation. Greenhouses, compost heaps, and pastures interspersed the terraced planting fields, each divided by thick hedgerows. Small steps for the year 2092, yet, steps in the right direction.

If you’d like to read more, I’ve got the first two chapters posted under My Novels. Please stop in with other ‘Sixers’ at the main website here, or find announcements on twitters #sixsunday!

Thanks for reading!


About Laurel Wanrow

Fantasy romance tuned to the magic of the land.

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