Six Sentence Sunday #15

Again this week I’m featuring my WIP, The Farm, for Six Sentence Sunday! Today my artist heroine Annmar meets another of Wellspring Collective’s farm workers—a girl who becomes her friend and confidant.

Once more Annmar shook hands and probably said the usual niceties, but her mind jumped to the hue of Mary Clare’s emerald eyes, her pale freckles and tiny little nose that would be fun to paint. And if Annmar made her ginger hair even longer than where it touched her shoulders, and loose from the ribbon binding it tightly back—it had to be curly with those puckering waves—she could draw twining flowers, or better yet, vines of some farm crop that would offset the canvas overalls and boots this girl wore. What a contrast the feminine and masculine elements would make—

“Are you well?” Mary Clare peered at her. “Miz Fertis, I think you better put her to bed as soon as possible.”

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  1. I love the imager of Mary Clare; I can see her clearly. Good overall description of the scene!


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