Six Sentence Sunday #14


Thanks for stopping by for Six Sentence Sunday! Please join my heroine Annmar on her first look at one of her new fellow workers on Wellspring Farm, in my WIP The Farm. Rivka is one interesting fellow, in her city-reared opinion.

Below Annmar’s window, Wellspring’s manager joined several farmworkers under the spreading tree. A tall skinny boy—or young man, as she should think of him—seemed to be reporting while others listened. He waved his hands in an animated way, his tufts of short tawny hair glinting gold and auburn highlights as he fluttered in the low afternoon sun.

Fluttered? Annmar bent her head, trying for a better angle against the glass to make out the exact movements of his side-stepping feet and flipping elbows, but he wasn’t moving. Had it been a trick of the lighting, or—her hand flew to her mouth—a knacker?

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About Laurel Wanrow

Fantasy romance tuned to the magic of the land.

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  1. I want to know more!! Great six!


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