Six Sentence Sunday #11

I’m deep into edits of my WIP, The Farm, and thinking of little else, thus missed several Six Sentence Sundays. But my two machine excerpts have drawn the attention of the friend of a friend, who I understand is itching for more. Yes, I have more odd machines in the story! But first, I think it’s time to meet one of the guys—can’t say if he’s the hero!

Daeryn Darkcoat’s four tough paws carried him down a dirt road bisecting Wellspring Cooperative Farm. The moon, just past waxing, provided the bit of light his polecat eyes needed to see the acorn squash on the right and a late planting of bush beans on the left. Nothing amiss in the rows of plants his nocturnal sight discerned in sharp grays and blacks.

Flicking his round ears back and forth to the few stray calls above the rise and fall of the crickets, Dae trotted on. He reached an interior crossroad on a hummock and slowed, pacing a tight circle and finally stopping to peer westward up and down the treeline where only the autumn leaves stirred.

Where was that wolf bitch?

Other sixers are here: Click! Or if you’re tweeting: #sixsunday. Thanks for reading!


About Laurel Wanrow

Fantasy romance tuned to the magic of the land.

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