Six Sentence Sunday – #10

I remembered! Though I hesitated over whether to title this one #9 or #10. 10 won out because I have posted ten excerpts. So here I am:

I even signed up early–number 90, right after my friend Eliza Knight. Go see her six, too, and other sixers here: Click!. Or take your tweeting fingers to #sixsunday.

So for me… I’m editing the WIP I call The Farm on my novel listings. It’s a completed draft, but my secondary characters needed some help with GMC to carry everyone into the sequel. Here’s the opening setting for this steampunk novel:

Tall, gold lettering proclaimed Shearing Enterprises’ business pledge across a painted signboard: The Latest in Agricultural Technology, backed by the Best Craftsmanship in Glenwood-on-Tyne.

“My word, I had no idea your visits to his business meant the industrial district. I don’t like it,” Polly muttered, but she allowed Annmar to pull her along.

“Neither do I, without Mrs. Rennet present,” Annmar admitted with a sigh.

In the canyon between the towering factory walls, the clink, clink, clink of various gear mechanisms echoed and steam billowing from the lines of open paned factory windows. Polly’s wide-eyed gaze fell from them to two workmen in grubby coveralls hoisting lengths of gray metal rods off a foundry delivery wagon blocking half the street.

Thanks for reading!


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