One of my special interest chapters with RWA, the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Chapter, just announced its contest finalists. I helped judge, so wanted to give a shout-out: Congratulations, everyone!


FF&P Chapter’s 2012 “On the Far Side” Unpublished Fiction Contest FINALISTS Announced:



“Dark Bringer” By Mia Celeste*

“Valhalla’s King” By Asa Maria Bradley*

“Son of a Wolf” By Laura Welling*


Romantic Elements

“Fragile Hearts” Renee Henry*

“Shadowdemon” Amanda Byrne

“Red Tide” Paula Leonard Huffman*


Time Travel/Steampunk/Historical

“Stalking Horse” Alleyne Dickens

“Must Love Breeches” Angela Quarles*

“The Raven’s Heart” Louisa Cornell



“Arena Dogs: Mercury” Charlee Allden

“Alien Contact for Idiots”  Ed Hoornaert*

“Sword of Revalmor” Cáit  Donnelly*


Young Adult

“The Time Keeper’s Daughter” Jenna Grinstead

“Laid Bare” J.D. Haymore

“The Serum Book One: The Journey” Sharron Riddle*


Urban Fantasy

“Catalyst” Laura Welling*

“Evition Eyes” Cassandra L. Shaw*

“Violet Sees Red” Katt Lloyd*


*Denotes FF&P Chapter Member


About Laurel Wanrow

Fantasy romance tuned to the magic of the land.

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