Six Sentence Sunday – #7

Thanks Six Sentence Sunday for letting me share another snippet of my YA fantasy romance, Seaside Sorcery. Coral takes Ty up on his offer of a ride on his Vespa, but Ty stops to get the full story on the comments her rival Spike had to drop.

Those silvery eyes bore into her with a curiosity she wished was about something else. Her head cleared and rational thought snapped back into place. He was dangerous, maybe not this week, but certainly when Pop removed the quash.

“Who am I with?” Ty asked.

The fellow didn’t waste any time. “Tern Bay’s top duelist.”

Other sixers are posting here. Visit the list or find us through #sixsunday. Thanks for reading!


About Laurel Wanrow

Fantasy romance tuned to the magic of the land.

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  1. Love those dangerous characters!


  2. Dangerous maybe not now but certainly later. Yes, this makes me want to read more!


  3. Ooh! Duels are exciting. And just what is ‘the quash?’ Thanks for sharing this.


    • Hi Kelworthfiles! Thanks for reading! I’m happy to answer your questions:
      A quash is the magical equivalent of being grounded. It’s a magical seal put around the cores where a wizard’s power is stored in the body. Parents can lock down a kid’s magic with a quash, or the Sapaksan Wizard elders might do it for offenses in the community. In extreme cases of breaking wizard law, the quash would be permanent.


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