Six Sentence Sunday – #5

I’m back again after a vacation on which my hard drive gave up the ghost. After a successful reinstall, I’m ready for more sixes from my YA fantasy romance, Seaside Sorcery. Coral weasels out of tight spot with her rival Spike, yet he may still embarrass her in front of the new guy in town.

Worse, Spike was watching, an ear-to-ear grin signaling his delight at her predicament. Well, she’d show him.

Coral flattened her body to Ty’s back, snaked both arms around him and linked her hands around his waist. Her cheek had to rest on his shoulder to do it, and the feel of him took hold of her. Ahhh, his black shirt caressed her skin, soft and warm. The scent of cut hay filled her nostrils and Coral found herself thinking about this boy in a way that hadn’t occurred to her before.

Nearly two hundred other sixers are also posting here or through #sixsunday. Thanks for reading!


About Laurel Wanrow

Fantasy romance tuned to the magic of the land.

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  1. I love her reaction, and I especially love that Ty smells of cut hay. I enjoyed your six, Laurel. And congratulations on being a finalist TWICE in the Put Your Heart in a Book contest.


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