A Goodreads ‘Like’

I had a fan girl moment this morning – at breakfast. A Goodreads message in my inbox said ‘Tony likes your review’.

Huh, this hardly happens. I write reviews of most of my reads and this is maybe my third like. Tony liked The Search for WondLa, a recent MG that I’ve been all over. I liked it so much (See my review here!) I immediately read the sequel.

Wait a second…not Tony DiTer…okay, I admit I stumble over his name. But I know what he looks like, and a few clicks later—yes, it was that Tony.

OMG! The author liked my review.

This has never happened. I messaged him my thanks, telling him my daughter had been a fan and we’d met him at the National Book Festival signing.

(See, I have the September 26, 2009 photo to prove it!)

And he wrote back! It’s a short note thanking me for being a fan with my daughter, adding “It means a lot.”

Well, it means a lot to me, too, that New York Times Bestselling author Tony DiTerlizzi took the time in his busy schedule to be so nice to a fan. Very nice.

This is a kind act I plan to remember this when I’m published.

Hey, and at the end he added, “Eva says HI.”



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