Adding a link in a WP text box, without knowing how to code HTML

Most of you computer-savvy people out there will shake your heads at me, but I’m thrilled I figured this out and posting the process may help someone else.

I can’t write HTML code, but I wanted to add a link in the text under my Gravatar. I knew WordPress does it for you when you are in the ‘page’ or ‘post’ areas, so I used ‘post’ and typed up my little blurb. While in the ‘Visual’ version, I highlighted the title of the words I wanted as a link, The Squirrel Nutwork, and clicked the ‘link’ button on the menu bar.

This is the same process I would use to make those words a link in this post text. Once the link was established, I switched the view from ‘Visual’ to ‘HTML’. Now the HTML code appears. I highlighted the entire text—my message with the code within it—and copied.

Next I accessed the ‘Widgets’ under ‘appearance’ and opened my Gravatar box I had already set up in my sidebar. In the box for ‘Text displayed after Gravatar.’ I pasted my text with the HTML code.

I hit ‘save’ and closed, then went to look at my website.

Voila! The link appeared, as you see over to the right.

I also tried this in the widget labeled ‘text’ and it works there as well.


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Fantasy romance tuned to the magic of the land.

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