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The coordinator of Oklahoma RWA’s Finally a Bride Contest called today to tell me Seaside Sorcery placed first in the YA category! I’m so excited! Here are the other 2010 winners. Congratulations to all. We’re invited to the awards ceremony at RWA Nationals this summer.

2010 Winners/Finalists

Mainstream with Romantic Elements:

1st (TIE): Courage and Azaleas – Claudia Shelton &

Oak Moon – Laura Templeton

2nd: Falling for You…Again – Kathy Coatney


1st: Lady Vice – Wendy La Capra

2nd: Embracing Scandal – Suzanne Webb

3rd: Deception – Jennifer Beane


1st: A Cry in the Night – Terri Weldon

2nd: Healing Moon – Lyndee Henderson

3rd: Beach Rental – Grace R. Greene

Paranormal/Time Travel/Futuristic:

1st: Inhale – Kendall Grey

2nd (TIE): Night Walker – Lisa Kessler &

Red – Mary SeRine

3rd: The Devil Made Me Do It – Ruth Kaufman

4th: Just Beyond the Garden Gate – Dawn Marie Hamilton

Series Contemporary:

1st: Music City Seduction – Robin Covington

2nd (TIE): Hawaiian Heat – Diane Garner &

The Magic Man – Paula Stelluto

Romantic Suspense/Single Title:

1st: Scent of Fear – NJ Litz

2nd: Mississippi Blues – D’Ann Linscott-Dunham

3rd: Last Chance – EJ Brighton

Young Adult:

1st: Seaside Sorcery – Laurel Wanrow

2nd: Magic of the Dance – Robin Haseltine

3rd: In Mage We Trust – Heidi VanLandingham

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