I’m in a blog again…

and it looks like it may happen more. In my innocent, not-up-to-snuff-with-blogging way it appears I’ve joined the SFR Brigade blog, as a blogger.

But hey, it’s a good thing. My little post from a few days ago was acknowledged in yesterday’s post … right alongside other authors, including Linnea Sinclair. Now to get Passages on the bookshelf alongside …

Ok, enough with the fantasy. Passages has jumped another hoop on its way to querying; The last of its critiques through my FF&P crit group have arrived. In this large on-line group affectionately known as The Mud Puddle, a half-dozen readers traded crits with me over the four months I posted and two stuck with me the entire book. Many thanks to Brenda Davis and Bart Palamaro for their valuable insights and contributions to the continuity of the novel.

I have a few things to fix, but should be shopping it by the end of the month. Thanks to contest entries, I already have a fresh two page synopsis and a short query-worthy description. I’m looking forward to typing “Passages is a Science Fiction Romance complete at 95,000 words.”


About Laurel Wanrow

Fantasy romance tuned to the magic of the land.

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