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I’m in a blog – someone else’s!

What fun!  One of the first writers I met at a RWA Nationals conference has featured me in her blog post today . Eliza March and I met in the lobby while I was trying to spot an agent from whom the computer had bumped my pitch appointment. We were so new, I had no idea you received a confirmation of the appointments. We chatted and connected and then I dashed off because I spotted the agent–who kindly gave me the opportunity to pitch to her on the spot. But among 2000 writers we did find each other again, a number of times, and we keep in touch.  Please visit Eliza and her fellow bloggers at Romantic Hearts and Sexy Tarts. I hope to visit her in Nashville at the 2010 RWA National Conference, an eleven hour drive from the DC area.

Writing and Snow Days

I live just outside of Washington DC and we’ve been hit with a number of snow storms this winter – very unusual for us. The Post publishes the biggest storms, so we have been reminded the last was in 2003 and before that 1996. This one’s a double hitter; the Friday-Saturday storm left 28 inches and the Tuesday-Wednesday blizzard–the weather service’s new status–today is expected to leave another foot.

So what does this mean for a writer, someone who works from home? Well, I write full-time anyway, so  for me there are no additional days off work giving me more time to write.  Not published, but I’m focused and have my routine that begins after I drop the kids at high school every morning at seven.

And there it starts; I don’t have to get up. I’m staying up late. The kids and husband are at home. The neighbors are home. There are many, many more opportunities for socialization–shoveling, barbeque potluck in the parking lot, shoveling, talks and walks on the city’s partially plowed pathways, shoveling, trading recipes and making to long runs to the grocery store to buy even more food. Shoveling.

Yep, we are spending hours shoveling. It’s gotta be done and thankfully is replacing my workouts since I can’t get to the gym. But that activity competes with typing for not only time, but muscle stamina. For me, it’s elbows. Another writer said wrists.

And then there’s Facebook. Need I say more? It’s fun to see others’ snow pictures, read the stories and compare snowfall around the region. But darn it, ya gotta resist the temptation to keep re-checking!

I won’t delve into my other time sucks – the pets, cooking and cleaning – everyone has those, but you just seem to pay more attention to them when you are house bound and they are there, all the time.

On the flip side, I have managed to bug out with computer on the two ‘waiting days,’ the days each storm hit but didn’t manage to arrive until late in the day. School was cancelled in anticipation, but the roads were clear (okay, passable the second). My destination? Starbucks. With my venti six pump hot chocolate made with half breve, I am powered for hours and spent seven each day reworking my villain in Passages. I’m happy, but need to keep going to maintain my continuity.

Guess I’ll try to carve out alone time today. At least until I succumb to another project badgering for my attention: taxes.

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