Indiana’s Golden Opportunity Winners

Indiana’s Golden Opportunity 2009

Congratulations to all our Winners!
Best of the Best will be announced approximately November 18th.

Historical Finalists Judge — Jesse Feldman, NAL

The Soldier by Patricia Patton

Love and the Heir by Patricia Patton

The Yard Man Affair by Jill Stone

Mainstream Finalists Judge — Paige Wheeler, Folio Literary Management

Odin’s End** by Dawna Fichtner

The End at River’s Bend by Cathryn Pritchard

Damaged Goods by Barbara Binns

Paranormal Finalists Judge — Kerry Donovan, NAL

Darkness Dawns by Leslie Duvall

The Story Queen by Joe Fraser

The Chimera Courtships: In Like a Lion by Karin Shah

Single Title Finalists Judge — Latoya Smith, Grand Central

Chocolate Kisses** by Kelli Zeiher Riley

Uncivilized by Meghan Murphy

Once Upon a Margarita by Heidi Luchterhand

Romantic Suspense Finalists Judge — Megan McKeever, Pocket Books

Degrees of Death by Linda Lovely

Dangerous Choices by Donna Meier

Trail of Secrets by Greta MacEachern

Young Adult Finalists Judge — Holly Root, Waxman Literary Agency

Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers

The Dead Guy Downstairs by Sheri Adkins

Seaside Sorcery by Laurel Wanrow

One of the reasons I’m going back and looking up my past contest co-winners is I’ve been in touch with the gal who won this one, Lisa Desrochers. Lisa has won a slew of contests, but I first contacted her when I was coordinating the YA category for my chapter contest, Maryland Romance Writer’s Reveal Your Inner Vixen, to tell her she’d finalled. She placed second and we shared some contest stories. The best came a few days ago when she wrote to tell me she’d sold! Not just Personal Demons, but three books in an auction. How exciting is that?  What every writer dreams of getting for Christmas. Read about it on her blog: Go, Lisa!!!


About Laurel Wanrow

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