Seaside Sorcery Placed Third!

Hey, I had a third place in the Indiana’s Golden Opportunity contest!  That’s quite an honor, as I know they had a lot of entries in the YA category.  As the genre becomes more popular–thanks Stephanie Meyers, P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast, and many others–there are more YA contests and entries.  Thank goodness, because nothing is more disappointing than preparing a contest entry and sending it off, only to find out the category didn’t have enough entries and has to be cancelled.  Happened to me last year!

Nearly happened in the Lone Star Writing Competition this year, but they extended the deadline and put out a lot of calls on the loops.  I entered, and finalled.  This coming weekend, the Northwest Houston Chapter will be announcing the winners at their conference in Houston.  Too bad it wasn’t closer, but I’d be a nervous wreck if I went. 😉

Soon I have to start thinking about entering the Golden Heart contest that RWA sponsors for unpublished writers.  I finished polishing both of my YA manuscripts this week and will print out the first fifty pages of each to review on paper again.  The contest accepts a total of fifty pages, but that must include a synopsis, so I’m also going to be looking for an interesting hook in the 45-48 page range to end each entry on.


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