I finally went to see the newest Harry Potter movie.  I liked it and can’t wait to have it on DVD to be able to look around at all the scene details, but the bit that really caught my eye in the theater was the trailer for The Lightening Thief.  

It looked terrific.  My son has been an avid reader of the series, so I swiped his copy and began reading it that night.  It’s really good, and I’m trying to figure out what’s making this twelve-year-old’s adventure so engaging?  I like the cameos of the mythologic creatures, all of whom are dying, albeit temporarily.  I like his companions, the meek satyr Grover and the enemy-wanna-be Annabeth.  And I like the cross-country trip featuring American icons.

But I think it’s come down to sharing Percy’s hope that he can still save his mother, and that perhaps his father will accept him.  Gotta hand it to Rick Riordan – he did exactly what I’ve heard Michael Hauge say to do: give the protagonist a conflict in which the reader can become emotionally invested.

Percy, I’m with you again tonight!


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