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August Art

Well folks, I’ve been terrible about posting this month and have some catching up to do, especially with art thank yous.  

My dd took a break as well, but lately has been busy coordinating more art for my book characters. Each person is now well represented, even Hilda the guinea pig!  Medic Droid treated us to an adorable piggie chibi.  She’s even ‘weeking’ love, and we love her!

For the other Meadow Magic characters, Ning Yu portrayed Fern and Beri with a Red deer native to Ireland.  She gave lots of nice details to their clothes – very true to the story.  Fern has a cute new chibi in her spiral purple shirt by Sprinkle and Beri has a new head shot in his signature color of green by Rebekah L. Great eyes!

But for Meadow Magic characters, Raven is the winner this month.  The poor guy had no art and is now well-featured.  Gou sent in a sketch chibi couple of Raven and Willow that is quite striking in its monotone colors.  Then an attitude-heavy portrayal of Raven came in- a short black outfitted chibi by Radio.  I laugh every time I look at him, because its “so Raven.” The last of Raven’s by Melan has Raven’s wings spread wide and looking very capable of lifting the guy into the air.

Willow also has her first art.  Eliah shows off her wide golden eyes in a nice head shot, and Willow shares in the sketch art couple by Gou.

For Seaside Sorcery, Sprinkle drew Ty and Coral as a chibi couple on a beach.  They are quite charming with their blue and red hair and I love the small details of Coral’s necklace and hint of her braids.

It’s so fun to have my dd pop in while I’m working to show me a new picture.  I really love the variety of ways one character can be depicted.  I hope my readers are also enjoying our growing gallery.

Thanks everyone!

A Finalist!

One of my YA manuscripts is a finalist in the the 2009 Lone Star Writing Competition sponsored by the Northwest Houston RWA Chapter.  Here’s the confusing part: it’s entered under the title WIldflowers and Winged Boys, but is on my website as Meadow Magic.  Same book, I just thought the first title was a bit more catchy and have been using it lately.

Anyway, I am thrilled!  The three finalists are being judged by an editor and an agent and the winner will be announced two long months from now during the chapter’s conference on October 25th.

I’ll keep you posted!

I finally went to see the newest Harry Potter movie.  I liked it and can’t wait to have it on DVD to be able to look around at all the scene details, but the bit that really caught my eye in the theater was the trailer for The Lightening Thief.  

It looked terrific.  My son has been an avid reader of the series, so I swiped his copy and began reading it that night.  It’s really good, and I’m trying to figure out what’s making this twelve-year-old’s adventure so engaging?  I like the cameos of the mythologic creatures, all of whom are dying, albeit temporarily.  I like his companions, the meek satyr Grover and the enemy-wanna-be Annabeth.  And I like the cross-country trip featuring American icons.

But I think it’s come down to sharing Percy’s hope that he can still save his mother, and that perhaps his father will accept him.  Gotta hand it to Rick Riordan – he did exactly what I’ve heard Michael Hauge say to do: give the protagonist a conflict in which the reader can become emotionally invested.

Percy, I’m with you again tonight!

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