Editing, guinea pigs and art

Preparing for the RWA national conference has taken me away from the internet for a more than a week–as have other activities at home.  I’m pleased that I did finish editing all 277 pages of Seaside Sorcery, so it’s ready to go if requested by any agents I pitch to at the conference.

Guinea pigs–we seem to be overrun with them.  If you’ve been to Hilda’s page under Meadow Magic, you’ve read about our volunteer fostering.  Right now we’re pig sitting for a fosterer on vacation – her rescued moma and 3 week-old babies.  They are incredibly soft and cute, and eat so much.  We are constantly feeding them, then cleaning the cage.

And art.  A few more pictures have come in, and they’re all great.  Thanks to Chisuru for the portrait of Fern – glowing with bright green energy, to Ayame for 2 drawings- one each of Duffy ( you got her hair just right) and Ty, and to Phantascope for the one of Ty – love that energy!


About Laurel Wanrow

Fantasy romance tuned to the magic of the land.

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