Lots of Art

I have been remiss the last few days in thanking my artists–sorry! I was tied up polishing a contest entry – a long 55 page one.

Coral and Ty – wow – lots of pictures now. Thanks Hue for the two blinking ones – love Skipper and the Vespa.

They’re carefree and zooming along on the Vespa in a chibi pic by Lyle Lawrence. Erin Goodman asked about drawing a beach scene, so I sent her an excerpt. She portrayed Ty sharing magic with Coral, and her tye-dye dress is even better than I imagined it!

Thanks to Karina Yurallos and Rui for Fern’s new solo art. Both are very nice, as is Lunasumerin’s portrait of the green-eyed Beri.


About Laurel Wanrow

Magic. Nature. Adventure.

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  1. severnyproductions

    You sound busy


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