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Lots of Art

I have been remiss the last few days in thanking my artists–sorry! I was tied up polishing a contest entry – a long 55 page one.

Coral and Ty – wow – lots of pictures now. Thanks Hue for the two blinking ones – love Skipper and the Vespa.

They’re carefree and zooming along on the Vespa in a chibi pic by Lyle Lawrence. Erin Goodman asked about drawing a beach scene, so I sent her an excerpt. She portrayed Ty sharing magic with Coral, and her tye-dye dress is even better than I imagined it!

Thanks to Karina Yurallos and Rui for Fern’s new solo art. Both are very nice, as is Lunasumerin’s portrait of the green-eyed Beri.

Thanks to Ning Yu for her pencil sketch of Coral.  I especially like the fun macrame details in her hair and on her sandals.

Yesterday I completed the character sketches for Fern and Beri from the Meadow Magic story, so they are up on the site, along with a chibi couple portrait that came in an hour ago from Fleet.  I had to ask my dd why they had little red marks on their faces–they’re blushing! <g>  I love it!

I have started the character sketches for two of Beri’s friends from Emerald Isle, and a witch who’s doing a college internship.  So look for those in a few days.

Today, I’m polishing my Seaside Sorcery manuscript in preparation for pitching it to an agent at a writing conference–Romance Writers of America’s 2009 National Conference.  This will be the third national conference I’ve attended and this year it’s in Washington, D.C.  I’m nervous about my pitch, though I’ve already prepared it and am practicing, but I’m super excited about the opening speaker–Janet Evanovich!

DD and I have read all of her Stephanie Plum books and most of the others.  I even own her How I Write book.  Have to say, one of her reprints is my favorite–Love Overboard, maybe because the hero owns a two-masted schooner, just like Coral’s family.

First Artwork!

I’m pleased to announce that Erin Goodman submitted art for both Coral and Ty.  Have a look at Erin’s great pencil sketches under the characters’ descriptions.  Thanks, Erin, for being the first to send in your work!

Art coming!

When I began talking about establishing my website, my dear daughter (dd) suggested collecting art images of the different characters.   Two days ago I wrote and posted character descriptions and the dd ran with them.  After posting the request on her avatar community, we’ve been in a whirl of activity.  A number of artists have responded.  I have now collected even more of the personal details about Coral and Ty from Seaside Sorcery and posted them.  

I’m so psyched that we’re going to have a collection of individual interpretations of my characters.

Next to pull together the excerpts from Meadow Magic.

Starting out

About a month ago I purchased two domain names and decided it’s finally time to use them.  Following the suggestions of a RWA workshop by Emma Clair and Michelle McGinnis (Go visit their websites to see a summary) I’ve set up my very first website on WordPress.  It’s fun, complicated and very rewarding to learn this aspect of getting my name out there.

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